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Biden Told Afghan President To Lie

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Today, the Ny Post, Reuters, and other media outlets obtained and published audio which demonstrates racist and demented Joe Biden is openly breaking U.S. law in his attempts to subvert American democracy, open records laws in one of his last conversations with former Afghan President Ghani, in which he demanded and pleaded for the outgoing President to lie.

In the recording — a reproduction of a telephone call between Biden’s White House and the former President of Afghanistan — Biden can be heard demanding that Ghani stage media and public relations events and even lie to the American public and the world at large regarding the crumbling security situation in Afghanistan. Biden openly requested that Ghani lie to the public in an attempt to help him change the political winds blowing against him in the U.S. and change public opinion in his favor:

President Biden badgered Ghani in the call, while at times demanding that he “stand up” with members of his government and refute news stories, first hand accounts and Department of Defense reports of a Taliban surge within the country of Afghanistan.

Ghani refused demands from Biden to lie and instead fled the country with a reported 100 Million dollars “stuffed” in bags, boxes and vehicles on his way out of the country.

Over the course of the conversation, Biden vacillated between issuing threats and begging Ghani to help him. The collective news media, The Department of Defense, The U.S. Department of State as well as current and former officials of the U.S. Government have denounced Biden’s criminal conduct and most have called it “a bald-faced, bold abuse of power by the President of the United States,”.

After hearing the recording, several U.S. Representative's, U.S. Senators and former government officials have said: “I absolutely think it’s an impeachable offense and if it was up to me, there would be articles on the floor, quite quickly.”

We agree.

Articles of impeachment should be promptly bought against Joe Biden. This tape alone provides ample evidence that Biden has engaged in criminal behavior and is violating the oath of office he took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States for material gain. Members of the House have all sworn or affirmed an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, and the Constitution at the very moment needs defending, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Especially enemies like Joe Biden.

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