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Chicago Is Murder Central

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Someone should tell the Mayor Of Chicago the less the honorable Lori Lightfoot that she has a MURDER problem in the City of Chicago, and according to the Chicago Tribune the City of Chicago has already seen 163 murders this year so far, which is 23 more than this same time last year.

Someone should also be so kind to let her know that the MURDERS ARE NOT being committed by roving bands of white police officers, but instead are being committed by roving bands of black and brown gang members.

As once again this dimwitted, dumb tongue of a Mayor has stepped into another pile of media dog crap while rushing to judgement over the latest shooting of an ARMED person by a duly sworn police officer, whose job it is to protect and serve the residents of Chicago.

Just for the record, the latest police shooting in Chicago involving Adam Toledo is 100% justified, Adam Toledo was seen on numerous video feeds involved in a vehicle related shooting, then seen running with a weapon, then viewed running from a police officer with a gun in his hand, and before being shot, Adam Toledo was seen holding the gun and shot within milliseconds of being told to drop the gun.


Adam Toledo made a serious of very poor judgements, which probably are the result of his young age and inexperience, however, his poor judgement and failure to comply with duty sworn law enforcement officers does not absolve him of his own responsibility in contributing to him being shot and killed by police.

At some point the narrative of police officers hunting and killing young black men needs to cease. We have a few suggestions which people of all races, colors and ethnicities can employ in order to reduce there chances of being shot by the police by nearly 100%.

  • Do not become involved in criminal activity

  • Do not carry a gun unless you a permitted to do so in your jurisdiction

  • Do not point your gun at a Police Officer

  • Do not fire your gun at another person

  • Do not fight with Police Officers

  • Do not attempt to take a Police Officers gun

  • Do not attempt to kill a Police Officer

  • Comply with all lawful orders of the Police Officer if you are encountered

By following these simple instructions, it is very likely that you will not be shot or killed by a police officer.

Lets end this on facts:

  • Only 2% of Black people shot by Police Officers are unarmed

  • Since 2015 police have killed 33 more unarmed white people than unarmed black

  • Just 0.0016% of all people who encountered police 2019 were killed by one

  • Only 2% deadly police shootings over the past six years were unarmed black men

  • 91% of the black men killed by police officers since 2015 were armed

  • 62% were armed with a gun. 75% were armed with a gun or knife

  • 6% were armed with a gun, knife, other weapon, vehicle as a weapon

  • The widespread belief in racist police shootings is media and political mythmaking

  • 94% of the 6,211 people killed by police since 2015 were armed in some way

  • Twice as many whites people are killed by police officers than black people

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