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Biden Implicates Himself

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

America's Is In Peril Our Collective Future Depends On Removing Biden Now!

President Bidens term has been a mired in disfunction since inauguration day. American's have long know that Biden was mentally and physically unfit for office of the presidency and of the weakness of our political system has once again allowed someone wholly uncommited to American exceptionlism to hold the highest office in American politics.

Now only is the country currently dealing with a human invasion of unimaginable scale at our the Southern U.S. Border, American's are also in the midst of entrenched inflation, the debacle which is Afghanistan, political mismanagement in our inner cities and so much more, and with Bidens latest abuses of power as it relates to his son's continued criminal enrichments, all sanctioned by the White House and other derelictions of responsibility give the U.S. Congress a chance to prove it can stir itself to take the requisite action need to remove Joe Biden as President and save America in the process.

Barack Obama clearly stated that " Dont' Underestimate Joe Biden Ability To Fuck Things Up"

The question that should command congressional attention now is not whether Biden is guilty of criminal incitement in a way that would satisfy a court. Biden's misconduct in the handling of Afghanistan, the Southern U.S. border and more clearly meets the standard enunciated by the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate: Biden's actions are “both serious and incompatible with the duties of the office.”

The vice president and the cabinet have been unwilling to deploy their authority under the 25th Amendment to declare Biden unable to discharge his duties. There has been some discussion of treating Biden as disqualified from future office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which applies to officials who have given “aid and comfort” to enemies of the U.S.

That leaves two options for Congress: impeachment, or taking no official action against the president. The main prudential arguments against impeachment are that it would further inflame an already heated political scene and that Biden may very well physcially be unable to complete his first full term, even at the early stages of this presidency, Biden's impeachment and conviction would strengthen the country’s political norms against future presidential misconduct, not least by setting a valuable precedent.

The Constitution speaks of a Senate “trial” of a president before he can be convicted. His lawyers have to be allowed to present their case. But there is no need for this trial to take weeks or even days. Congress could reasonably conduct an inquiry into everything Trump has done to overturn the election, but it could also reasonably conclude that deliberation can rely on the factual record already available to everyone.

The bipartisan condemnation of Biden's inablity to handle the illegial invasion of America, the debacle of Afghanistan, the economy, corruption within his cabinet and more at the moment could easily yield to bipartisan inaction. A lot of Democrat politicians want to leave Biden in their rearview mirror. Many voters who aren’t die-hard Democrats will feel similarly. Biden doubtless wants to get on with his own legislative agenda.

But there’s should be nothing more important to Congress at the moment than strengthening the country’s safeguards against a future presidency like Biden's. Impeachment and conviction should be the first order of business for Congress.

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