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Yo Pedo Joe

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The rumor that President-elect Joe Biden is a pedophile has been spreading for some time, but it has spread in recent weeks, blooming in the dark corners of the Internet and seeping into the mainstream, showing the depth of the discourse surrounding the images of President Joe Biden sniffing the hair of several prepubescent young girls.

In recent years, both Biden critics and Trump supporters have used the images as alleged proof that the current President of the United States has a history of sexual misconduct with children as young as 12. Several edited videos and images accusing Biden - and Democrats as a whole - of pedophilia have been posted on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Biden was also accused of inappropriate behavior by multiple women who claim there have been unwanted touching and hugs for too long.

Parents of children have also spoken out about Biden's inappropriate behavior toward their children. Allegations that Biden is a pedophile are often accompanied on social media by images, memes, gifs and videos of him in very compromising poses, extremely close to very young children. Once again, we are dealing with a concerted effort to distort and remove any attempt to portray Biden as somehow inappropriate for children.

Despite the number of adult women who have publicly accused Biden of unwanted touching and former Senate staffer Tara Reade who has accused him of sexual assault, there is no concrete evidence that he has behaved inappropriately with children, nor has he ever been accused of sexual inconvenience with a child by an adult woman, even unofficially.

Social media has claimed that his son Hunter Biden raped children in China, but only the darkest corners of the internet have promoted the idea. A Facebook meme featuring thousands of photos of "Hunter Biden torturing and raping children" has provided evidence, with the specific claim that there are 25,000 images, a current investigation into a laptop owned by Hunter Biden at some point should either clear or indict him in such matters.

No formal allegations, complaints, arrests or investigations have implicated Joe Biden in any kind of sex crimes involving children. There were no formal charges or allegations against him that concern children, nor were there any formal charges, complaints, arrests or investigations that would have involved him in inappropriate acts or conduct toward a child. However, images of Biden sniffing closely around children leaves much to the imagination.

To ensure that these results are entirely random and can be duplicated by others, I simply Googled the word "Joe Biden pedophile" and selected the first three results that I should analyze. The second URL offered by Google takes the user to a YouTube page that, alongside playing edited content in Spanish, reads: "Pedophile candidate for President of the United States," as its Twitter profile says. A third URL appearing on Google sends users to YouTube pages titled "US Senate Pedophiles," "Child Pornographers in America" and "Pedophiles of America."

Still, critics of Biden have used these manipulated images of him to slander his character. Carter said it was "not a dignified response," but critics of Biden still use it as an excuse to slander Biden's character.

With indirect accusations that Biden is a pedophile, people are reminding him that his father was also accused of sexual assault by a number of women. Men with money and power get away with countless acts of violence against women without recourse. Whether it's sexual harassment, rape or other forms of abuse of power, experts and people in other positions of authority are cast as part of a conspiracy.

It is much easier to blame the victim than to deal with the actual monster in our midst, rather than with him or her.

As the Cuties debacle and the Biden allegations demonstrate, there is no shortage of hyper-specific and politicized methods to exploit pedophilia allegations.

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