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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Biden's Dementia and Harris Ignorance Has Caused The Illegal Migrant Border Surge.

The Texas governor has criticized the Biden administration for a "growing crisis" caused by a surge in migrant arrivals. Mexico's President Obrador's comments on the situation came as the Biden administration dispatched officials to Mexico and other countries to discuss the growing number of illegal immigrants at the border. Biden's envoys met with representatives from Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Some of the areas visited have seen record levels of illegal border crossings, according to news reports.

On Mexico's northern border, the Biden administration and the Mexican government must work together to address the humanitarian disaster and prepare for the next wave of migration. As we are quickly reminded, immigration must be managed, and immigration is not controlled by force, but by exposing migrants to a high level of personal risk. The Biden administration's inability to understand and respond to a situation of this magnitude has simply exacerbate a new border crisis.

They will have to consider the negative consequences before pursuing immigration policies that please the far left and harm the American people. Biden must acknowledge that his decision to roll back Trump's immigration policies to deal with a predictable surge in migration has led to chaos at the border.

The White House and Biden's administration have repeatedly refused to use the word "crisis" when describing the increase in illegal immigrants crossing the border with Mexico. Calling the increase in migrants at the border with Mexico a crisis may make it difficult to manage, but it is not a solution. According to the New York Times and other media, Biden administration officials have been careful for weeks to avoid using the word "crisis" to describe the wave of refugees at the southern border. The White House and the Biden administration have consistently refused to use the term "crisis," a euphemism for illegal immigration when measured by the number of illegal immigrants who have crossed the United States-Mexico border in recent weeks and months.

Some of the increase is said to have been caused by immigrants stuck in Mexico waiting for legitimate asylum applications to be processed that the Trump administration has not processed. Part of that has resulted in immigrants being stuck at the border with Mexico while they wait to process their asylum claims into the United States, which the Trump administration says it is not processing. Some of that increase has been caused, "said John R. O'Neill, a spokesman for the National Immigration Law Center.

Other officials in Biden's administration have taken the blame, refusing to admit that the cause is his predecessor's border policy, which was reversed on day one. Instead, Biden administration officials have blamed the previous administration for the current situation, arguing that Biden inherited a mess stemming from the Obama administration's lax enforcement of US immigration laws.

At the same time, senior Trump administration officials have pre-emptively blamed the surge in migrants at the border on the promise of relaxed policies by the Democrat. Activists said Trump's tough deportation policies have led to migrants rallying along the US border, which partly explains the current surge. Overwhelmed by an earlier surge, immigration authorities have long warned that the flow of migrants across the border could rise again.

Officials within the Biden administration said Biden was prepared for this and announced in early February that it would halt the deportation of unaccompanied minors. He stressed that Biden's administration had not fully opened the border because of the ongoing pandemic, and that now was not the time for more migrants to arrive.

Second, the Border Patrol told me that it had informed the Biden administration and let them know that the influx was coming with data showing that migrants overwhelmingly flooded the border believing Biden would have welcomed them with open arms.

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